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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Break

A three-day weekend isn't quite long enough to get the true feeling of "being on break" but it certainly was wonderful to spend a three-day weekend at home.

On Friday, my first oppportunity to sleep in, I woke up at 8am to go to Zumba class, only to discover that it had been canceled. I spent the afternoon and early evening doing homework and updating my Cambodia blog, then at 6 I met two new friends for dinner at Culver's. I can't quite remember how Jess and I initially connected, but I know it was related to her interest in my interest in going to Cambodia because her mother was raised in Cambodia and fled during the Khmer Rouge. Anyways, it was wonderful to finally meet Jess and her mother, Dana, in person, and to share with them a love for Cambodia. After dinner I returned home and joined my family for a few games of Nertz. So fun!

As of Saturday morning, I have the rest of my coursework for History & Contextualization of Missions finished!!! THAT FEELS GOOD! I slept in until 10:30 on Saturday, and then for lunch I met the girls at Aunt Sue's Tea Room and we celebrated Suzanne's birthday. Jessie and I celebrated our birthday's there last month with some of the same ladies, and we're looking for people with November and December birthdays! HA. At left is the lovely Elayna and I, and below is the 7 of us with Suzanne at the head of the table. Aunt Sue's is a fabulous locally-owned and operated restaraunt. The food is wonderful, but a little expensive, and the environment is quaint (I think that's the best word.)

Saturday evening we went to Grandmom's house for pizza, and then returned home for two more games of Nertz. This morning, church was wonderful, and I am anticipating a fantastic service tonight. Tomorrow.. class....


sara said...

I love Nertz! although my husband always wins because he is so much faster than me!

I have a November birthday! what week shall I come?!! :)

Jewel said...

Yes come come! I'm booked on Thanksgiving.. but otherwise. :)

thepearsons said...

I believe it was your first trip to Cambodia... Jade Metz (we went to high school togeter) added the group "praying for cambodia". I was curious so I looked at the group page and saw it was students from IWU. I facebook message you because you were the group creator and we've been friends ever since! Crazy huh?!? :)