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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Fave. Five: #19

Woo hoo!! It's finally Friday again (commence celebratory dance!) Log on at Living to Tell the Story and share your own Friday's Fave. Five!

1. Tonight's Fall Fiesta
Tonight I am having my freshmen group over for a Fall party. Last night I baked German chocolate cupcakes and pumpkin spice cookies, and this afternoon I'm making snickerdoodles. We will be eating caramel apples, candy corn and peanuts, baked cookies, and drinking kool-aid of various fall colors. We are going to paint mini pumpkins, enjoy autumn decor, and listen to the sweet melodies of Nathan Metz's new cd: PLAY THE MAN. So excited!

2. Dr. Jolly
Yesterday I had a wonderful visit with my favorite professor, whom I sadly do not have class with this semester (hopefully next!) We had a wonderful chat about life, love, and culture. He is a man of great wisdom; something I am really going to miss when I graduate from IWU in April.

3. Laura's Wedding
Tomorrow afternoon I will be attending a friend from high school's wedding. I will even be wearing a new dress that I bought for the occasion! I love weddings. Can't wait for my own. ;)

4. Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World"
I did a 10-page research paper and presentation on Louis Armstrong this week for Fine Arts class. His voice is so unique; love it!

5. A weekend alone
My sister is going on a weekend retreat with the girls in our youth group. While I enjoy living with her and wouldn't ever prefer to live alone, having the room to myself this weekend will be nice and will hopefully lead to some great productivity in taking next week's assignments.


2Thinks said...

Your weekend plans sound so good, I'd like to live them myself! I always admire your upbeat attitude. Have a great Fall Party, Jewel, and wedding and quiet time w/homework. ;)

cindy said...

Enjoy the wedding and a new dress.

Take advantage of having some free space this weekend.

Laura said...

You know, I just love your heart. I have three sons who aren't married yet... :0)

The Fall Fiesta sounds like SO much fun!

Enjoy your space this weekend, too. Happy week ahead.

Faith said...

Enjoy your weekend!! and how special to be attending a high school friend's wedding and a new dress at that! :) Louis Armstrong is one of our fave musicians and we often slow dance to his stuff when our daughters are out :) happy FFF!!

Susanne said...

Enjoy your weekend and the wedding.

Your paper sounds like it was an interesting project on Louis Armstrong.