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Sunday, October 10, 2010

This girl has a feeling!

This girl has a feeling... I'm on top of the world!! Have you ever had it? I have had it only a few times before.
1) When I flew over the Grand Canyon.
2) When I rode a mountain up an elephant an elephant up a mountain to watch the sun set.
3) When that special guy revealed his undying love for me.
4) A few other times.
5) And now, having researched, written, and completed two research essays in one weekend (less than 48 hours to be exact!)

I cannot be defeated

[No, I don't actually wear my hair like that in public. It was just thrown up in a moment of stresssss. K, thanks.]


EDIT: Boy, was I wrong! Just two hours after posting my blog, I logged off, brushed my teeth, washed my face, put sweats on, arranged the covers on my bed, and then lifted my pillow for fluffing.
What did I find under my pillow? An ipis - filipino for cockroach, - a large, black, flat, oval-bodied monster! Not an ant.. not a spider.. not any normal resident of our townhouse. A cockroach.
What did I do? I jumped, screamed, and ran in defeat. Come to find out, it was a fake.


Tonja said...

Yes! The mighty warrior...she remains undefeated! You go girl! What an accomplishment! I would take that fake roach, cut it in half and put it in your friend's sandwich!

Now I lose all good sense and manners and decorem when I see a roach. Vile creatures, they!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

LOL Jewel!!! All your missions field time and a cockroach still can make you do that???????

Hazel said...

How did an ipis get under your pillow?! When I see one my impulse is to kill it, real or fake, lol! Thank goodness you can jump, scream and run. If you are capable of all three, you can take on an alligator next :-)


CRJFamily said... made me laugh this morning...I needed that ;) I love your little blog, you have a gift with words my friend! And I love seeing your heart. You are an amazing woman of God!