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Friday, August 05, 2011

August's 1st Friday's Fave Five

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1. Storms ♥♥♥
According to the Weather Channel online, there's a possibility that it will start raining at 4pm today and storm through 9pm tomorrow.  Although that would put a damper on my plans for this evening and tomorrow evening, I'm pretty excited about the possibility of cuddling on the couch tonight and watching a movie while it thunders, lightenings, and rains allll nighttt longgg.

2. DIY Tissue Paper Pomanders
I can't wait to get together with some of my sweet and wonderful friends to make these tissue paper pomanders in green and bronze for my WEDDING.  Wedding plans are s.l.o.w.l.y. p.r.o.g.r.e.s.s.i.n.g. Pretty pretty pretty... ♥♥♥

3. A Niece

Munnith ♥♥♥
My dear dear dear friends Poleak and Malout, who are like my family in Cambodia, had a little princess last weekend.  Munnith was welcomed by my favorite nephews in the world - six-year-old twins, Peter and Paul.

4. A Package
Yesterday I received a MUCH-ANTICIPATED package in the mail from my kind friends in New York who recently returned from a trip to Cambodia.  Their daughter is one of the two flower girls in my wedding, and I asked them to pick out flower girl dresses, and a shirt for the ring-bearer.  The dresses are especially gorgeous, and the barong is "the bomb-diggity" too!  I also got a few other unexpected goodies from my fiancé. ♥♥♥

5. Healing
Since Grandmom had her eye removed at the end of June, she has been sick. Really sick.  She had an infection, and went into renal failure TWICE.  On Tuesday, she finally came home after weeks in the hospital.  Thank you, thank you Jesus for being present with her, for calling the Church to lift her in their prayers, and for touching her body with your healing hand.  She is still recovering and her body is weak, but she has come home with THE PROMISE that He is still working on her.  We are eternally grateful.

Love love love, Jewel


ellen b said...

Hello Jewel,
Love those pomanders. So you are planning a fall wedding...lovely. My daughter is having a wedding next March and we are getting some ducks in a row for it. Glad your grandmom was released from the hospital. May God continue her healing...
Have a great weekend.

Susanne said...

It sounds like things are well under way for your wedding. Green and bronze sounds like it's going to be very pretty.

What a sweet babe!

Saying a prayer for continued healing for your Grandma. I'm sorry she has been through so much health wise.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

What a great idea to make pomanders for the wedding. Where will they be hung? I hope you post pictures as I imagine the colour combination (green and bronze) will be so delightful.

Very special to receive packages in the mail-esp when they include surprise presents.

Munnith is lovely. I have 5 nieces (no nephews) and each one is so special to me. Poleak and Malout are going to be extra busy taking care of her and the twin boys.

Thanks for sharing your blessings, Jewel. Have a great week.

Willow said...

What a sweet new baby! And I'm glad your grandma is out of the hospital and recovering.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I hope you enjoyed the rain! Wedding plans.. how exciting! Green and bronze will be beautiful.

New baby.. *swoon* So sweet!

I'm glad your grandmother is home, and I pray she continues to heal and strengthen.