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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Magical Place

Last night, my mom and I sat down to plan my honeymoon.  It was an EXPERIENCE!  My parents have a timeshare (that we have been trying to sell for months and months and months!) and Mom and I spent hours on the RCI website last night looking at the few still available resorts in Florida - North, East, South, West, and the Panhandle.  Many had pictures that left much to be desired, others had beautiful pictures of gorgeous rooms, views, and property, but reviews included statements such as:

  • "I couldn't turn on the kitchen light because the switch was behind the refrigerator."
  • "If I were you, I wouldn't walk barefoot on the carpet..."
  • "When we arrived, we found cigarettes in the ashtray, dirty glasses, and dirty linens." 
  • "We couldn't sit around the pigeons on the balcony or through the pigeon poop on the already dirty window."
  • "When you're sitting on the toilet, the sink stabs you in the side."
  • "If you are looking for something nice, run in the other direction!"

YUCK!  My living standards are not extremely high, but I am not wanting to spend the first few days of my happily-ever-after in anything like what is reviewed above.  So it took some searching.  My only expectations were:

Finding a honeymoon spot where we can visit:
Disney World
and spend our days here:
The Beach
We finally found one that I expect won't be too cramped or gross.  I'm looking forward to having coffee and conversations on our own personal ocean-view balcony (hopefully not on the 1st floor,) taking early morning and late night walks on the beach, playing Scrabble on our little table, and exploring Daytona as husband and wife.

When my sister and I were maybe four-years-old, our parents took us to Magic Kingdom and it rained some before the day ended with a horrible storm.  I haven't been back since, and I have never been to (or heard much about) Epcot.  For those who have been to either or both, which would you recommend for two twenty-something newlyweds??  I'm leaning towards one, but I really want to know what others say, so thanks for advising!!

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom: Enchanting entertainment, classic attractions, beloved Disney Characters and spectacular parades and fireworks in a place where fairytale dreams can come true.


Epcot: Attractions and entertainment dedicated to technological innovation and the culture and cuisine of 11 nations.
Love love love,


Kay said...

I love the Magic Kingdom...the fireworks show at the end of the day there is just spectacular and all about making your dreams come appropriate for a honeymoon. : ) But EPCOT is a blast and you would probably love the cultural areas and rides like Soarin' and Test Track too.

Cindy Babcock said...

I'd vote for the Magic Kingdom for your honeymoon. I've been to MK & Epcot (several times) and the Animal Kingdom once. They're all good, but MK is still my favorite. With having traveled so much already, the international parts weren't as appealing to Joel and I as they probably are to most Americans. Besides, you're NEVER too old (or married, or with kids...) to not enjoy the Magic Kingdom! So, those are my two cents.