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Monday, August 01, 2011

Oh My Stars and Garters

Zounds, zoinks, and zippity doo, today is August 1st! AUGUST FIRST! No puedo creerlo (I cannot believe it!) My wedding is in 88 days. EIGHTY-EIGHT DAYS!  I am in disbelief that the time has flown by so quickly.  Disbelief.  I am overwhelmed that I have few days to finish everything.  Overwhelmed.

I need shoes...
and jewelry.
My bridesmaids need shoes...
and jewelry.
I have no gifts for the bridal party.
I haven't registered.
I have no idea what to register for.
I need to make the invitations.
I need to plan the honeymoon.
We both need rings.
I don't have a menu.
I have no idea where everyone will stay, OR how they will get from and to the airport.
What is a rehearsal dinner?
I need flowers.
I need decorations.
I need to confirm my cake design.
I need to find someone to videotape the wedding.
I need to ask my pianist to be my pianist.
The groomsmen need ties.
Who knows what else I am forgetting??!

Oh, and as of September 5th, I will unemployed! :)  While that means more time to pull everything together, it also means no money to pay for it! Woo hoo!!

Love love love,
the future  Mrs. Romdenh Chamnol


Loren said...


girl you need anything lemme know!


Keetha Broyles said...

Oh my stars and garters!!! I wonder WHERE you heard that title phrase?????