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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cambodian Scarves

Since Anonymous asked for more pictures of my scarves on Friday, and since I have nothing else to post today, here are more pictures of those beautiful scarves:

Sold out. :)

Still available: Baby Pink

Still available: Bandana Red

Still available: Navy Blue (2)

Still available: Baby Pink/Ivory

I sent money over with a friend to a missionary, who purchased all the scarves, then the friend mailed them to me when she returned to the States. Only 48 hours after I posted them on facebook, 35 of the 40 have already sold! I am amazed.
I am hoping that I can get another shipment to sell in October because I am not hearing good news about airfares... :(

Edit: If you're interested in buying a scarf, let me know. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous! Which 7 are still available? If I mailed you a check, would you mail me a scarf? I'm still in IN, but I don't anticipate making a trip to Marion soon. Sorry this "anonymous" is Kim!

Jewel said...

Hey Kim! Thanks. I didn't pick them out, but my friend Resie has beautiful taste. :)
Yes, I can mail one to you! I'll edit the entry so that you can see which ones are still available. :)