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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Handwritten Pieces of Love

On Monday evening I started a project that seemed to consume much more time than I had anticipated, but they were hours spent diligently in love. I wrote 29 letters -- handwritten pieces of love -- to send to my dear friends at the Bible College in Xai Xai, Moçambique, where I worked, ministered, and poured out my heart for 7 weeks this past summer. I know the letters and pictures will be cherished, but more important than always remembering me -- affectionately known as Tia Joia or Blanco Joia -- I wrote to remind the students of the incredible things that God did while I was there, of the mountains He moved, the ways He provided, and the strength He gave us during a very difficult circumstance (Baby Joãquim's death.) I am grateful that my ministry can continue in this way, because when I left Moçambique, I felt like I had taken much more than I was given, like I owe them something. In giving so much time to these letters, other assignments and "to-do's" were neglected, but I know I made the better choice of eternal benefits. (On a side note: my português has proven itself sufficient!)

1. Pastor Mohammed, Orai Lehman, Pastor Matussee, Pastor Filipe Macaringue, Pastor and Mama Cuave, and Rachel Helm
2. Mama Julio, Rafael, Cornelio, Isac and Sala, Quite, Gilson, Luis, Abel, and Amelia
3. Dinis, Carolina, Nhando, Maria, Armando, Felismina, Casimiro, Calisto, Cachimo, Antonio, Domingos, and George
4. Alima, Abrão, Joaquina, Marsonsy, Guida, Sergio, Lucas, Mario, and João

Oh Jesus, protect and provide for these cherished ones. Encourage and strengthen their ministry, and shower them in your overwhelming and unconditional love.

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thepearsons said...

wow. this is amazing. i'm sure they will cherish your encouragement and your photos. you are amazing woman of God!