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Monday, September 21, 2009

21 reasons today is a good day..

1. There was a torrential downpour between classes this morning, but I was able to skip from 1 building to the next under an overhang, and have thus far avoided the rain.
2. I got an email from Titus in Cambodia, and even though the video he tried attaching failed, I felt his heart's sentiments.
3. One night in Cambodia we walked to a convenience store at 2am and we were happy to find American treats -- Pringles and Mentos. This morning I got Pringles and Mentos and a sweet note via campus mail from my bff Loren.
4. I downloaded one of my favorite songs on itunes with a giftcard from my momma. My Girl by The Temptations.
5. My wonderful sister made me a cup of coffee this morning.
6. My 7:50 theology class was so good!
7. I got an A on my first speech!
8. My sister and I got a Wii Fit yesterday, and I was able to play a little during my lunch break.
9. I'm wearing new blue jeans (1 size smaller than Spring) and my new Sanders jersey.
10. At 8:30 tonight, the Indianapolis Colts (1-0) meet the Miami Dolphins (0-1).
11. There is a potential of going to Ivanhoe's for icecream tonight after Jessie gets off work.
12. One of my favorite pastors (Tony Bye) spoke in chapel this morning and read one my current favorite passages of Scripture (Acts 2:42-47).
13. I got money in the mail from my Aunt & Uncle in Ohio.
14. The 42nd Street Deli finally has chicken salad and I had my first tomato basil wrap with chicken salad for lunch.
15. I saw my dearest little friend Elli and her mom Andrea on campus.
16. Today is local church / community outreach day on IWU's campus and The Horizon (an alternate evening venue of Brookhaven Wesleyan) had a great display!
17. I finished a pretty sweet looking poster to advertise my missions trip to Mozambique. (for World Impact / global outreach chapel on Wednesday)
18. I started an amazing book by Shane Clairborn, called Jesus for President.
19. Today is my golden birthday! 21 on the 21st!
20. People I never even talk to are wishing me a happy birthday.
21. I feel loved!

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