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Thursday, September 03, 2009

at 83mph & counting...

I debated blogging this.. but my veins are still rushing with adrenaline. It was my first crotch rocket experience.

I had never done it before, or dreamt of doing it before, and I can't say I dream of doing it again.. but I did do it. I know my mom reads this, and an older sister who has equal lecturing power, but really, I didn't make the choice, I was just along for the ride. I'm smart.. I dress properly.. I wear a helmet.. I hang on appropriately.. I don't ask, "Hey, can you hang a right and try hitting 80mph?" If you don't know why they call a crotch rocket a "crotch rocket", go 83 and you will quickly realize.

Thanks for not killing me Jordan, I had fun.

I conclude with this: It was a bad decision, but it wasn't mine.

--Taken freshman year when I attempted learning to ride on my own.. HA.


Joni said...

I will say no more as it appears you already know my thoughts :). I am just glad it was not your decision.

Keetha Broyles said...

Jordan shot a golf ball through a car window in MY driveway once - - -

He and Kyle used my kitchen knives to carve up my kitchen counters - - -

I'm just sayin' - - - he's a bit of a risk taker - - - not sure I'D ride on the cycle with him!!!

Jewel said...

Keetha, I'm not surprised at all...
Jordan knows I will haunt him if he kills me. HAHA.