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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Final days at the WBI...

I have built lasting friendships and many memories with these students at the Wesleyan Bible College in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I have visited two consecutive summers and spent many hot days with them - in the classroom, the chapel, on the patio, by the stream, walking the path, etc. My next trip to Cambodia (potentially June/July 2010) will not find these students at the Bible college because they have now finished their studies at the WBI, and after completing an internship, they will official be pastors in the Cambodian Wesleyan Church. Unfortunately, they will move away, but I am excited for them, and excited for the new students that will arrive in January. I promised a couple that I would visit their churches when I return in 2010, and I hope I can do.

I enjoyed these pictures that Pastor Greg (missionary at the WBI) sent me of the students during the final week of Worship and Programming class.

Somnang marrying Somon and Channa during a mock wedding demonstration.

The official baptism at Srey Lis (at Phnom Penh water park, tee hee ;D )

Somnang dedicating baby Karen Malika, daughter of Pastor Rotha and Nekru Elizabeth.

Solemnizing the mock engagment of Sophol and Pholla, conducting by Pastor Rotha.

Somon administering the Lord's Supper.

Pholla conducting a mock funeral service.

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