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Saturday, September 26, 2009

College things. :)

Here are pictures of our suite living room that I promised a few weeks ago. We have hung a few more empty pictures frames since then, and they all remain empty, waiting for an hour or two when all 5 of us are willing and available to take pictures together and print them in black and white.

Everyone usually asks where we got the Live Laugh Love banner; Jessie (my sister & suitemate) and I made it. We printed the letters onto pink construction paper, cut them out, glued them onto black construction paper and that's it!

You may notice that our movie collection is rather large (complete with popcorn.) Last week we discovered Twilight and over a six-day period, we watched it seven times. Though I think only one of us actually watched it all seven times! HA. No, it wasn't me; I watched it three or four.

and these are pictures of the 5 of us::

Jessie and I at Ivanhoe's on our 21st birthday! I had the Health Nut (frozen vanilla yogurt topped with bananas, sliced almonds, and crunchy granola), and she had pumkin pie ice cream over a brownie, topped with chocolate.

Bethany and Laura are Jessie's roommates (therefore my suitemates), and Traci with the red hair is my roomie of two years.

In case you're wondering, we don't like these pictures and we aren't going to frame them in the room. =]

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Vashti said...

hey...thanks for stopping by my blog!
The twins belong to my sister. they live in the UK so I dont get to see them too often.
I have 2 sons.
Love the living room, very cute!
Have a blessed week.