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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It' the 1st day of school...

Oh how I have waited anxiously for this day! See the gradual excitement as I began to get ready this morning? Aside from vacations and other sporadic fun things, the end of the summer was Lame (note the capital "L"), so it's been great to be back on campus, with lots of friends, and into a regular routine.
I actually moved in early last Monday, went through a series of training, and then spent Friday-Monday with a group of 11 new freshmen. I had so much fun with them! I doubt any of my students from NSO (New Student Orientation) last Fall read my blog, so I feel safe to say that this group was by far better than last years, because they had so much more enthusiasm and interesting in participating in things together. Yesterday I took them to Ivanhoes, where they were impressed to see an ice cream menu with 200 options. As we were driving through the small towns of Gas City and Upland, the 2 Columbus Ohio girls in my backseat were remarking, "It feels like the Andy Griffith show." I accepted that remark in a positive way, because I love the Andy Griffith show! HA! Other fun weekend activities included a 10' climbing wall, the human knot, island hopping, etc. at Ketcham Woods, and going on a campus tour in the rain.
Unfortunately, like Lid (The Lamest Mom There), I don't have any pictures to upload; however, I will upon receiving the official NSO weekend picture cd!

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Love it! And oh, Ivanhoes ... it's been too long since I've been there! thanks for being there for the freshmen. they may not express it, but both they AND their parents appreciate you!