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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back in the dorm...

I moved back on campus yesterday morning. It's still pretty snowy here, but the drive wasn't bad. Maybe 8 or 10 minutes. Only took 3 trips between the dorm and the car to get all of Jessie and my stuff carried inside. I couldn't believe how many clothes were still in my closet. I need to do something about this. [See Good Intentions for 2010 post.]
It's nice to be back because I'm ready for the routine and independence again, but I'm not ready for the textbooks and the early mornings. But but BUT, I'm reminding myself "Second semester.. junior year.. this is my second semester.. of my junior year," and right now that is still exciting, though I'm sure the end will be more terrifying soon enough. Am I really ready?
I slept awful last night, and I blame on the reality that I moved out of my queen-sized bed at home, back into a twin-sized bed on the top bunk. Lame. But but BUT! I only took three of my five pillows home, so it is nice to have those two extra pillows again. Yes, I do sleep with five pillows, and here's how:
-One pillow between my knees.
-Hugging one pillow
-A smaller pillow on top of the hugging pillow to prop my elbow
-One pillow under my head [I bet you anticipated that]
-A smaller pillow on top of the head pillow [with all the stuffing smooshed to the side so I'm not actually laying on two pillows, but just the cold, silky, smoothness of the top pillow; combined with the soft, fluffy, goodness of the bottom pillow.]
Also, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to my bed at home. [Allergic to your bed at home??] Yes, I'm serious; I think my cat spends most of his sleeping hours on my bed. So, even though my bed at school is much smaller, I do have two more pillows, AND I'm not allergic to my bed now! Bonus!!
Well, now that my roommate and three suitemates have all left for their 9:25 classes, I suppose it's time for me to wash my cereal bowl and take a shower. I have a few errands to run on campus before meeting Jessie for lunch and then going to my first class of the second semester of my junior year at 12:05.

Bye ladies!

PS: Here is a little treat for you:
This is me in June 2006 chasing a wild cow through the streets of the Dominican Republic. What the heck was I thinking?


Kari said...

5 pillows wow. I remember using so many pillows too.
Enjoy your classes -time will fly by.

Loren said...

haha man you should start a checklist of places in the world you have chased cows...


well have to fine some in indiana for you to chase haha see you soon!