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Thursday, January 28, 2010

See how we've grown...

Instead of doing homework on Sunday I looked through old pictures... here are some of my favorites of both Jessie and I.

Aren't we precious?

Christmas morning of '91 or '92 -- big wheels!
That's me on Big Bird.

Easter Sunday - I think that's me with the big basket!

I'm the unhappy one with the umbrella.. look at our bruised legs haha!

At Granddad and Grandmom's house in Ohio
Left to Right: Me, cousin Kevin, Jessie, and cousin David

Love love loved that wagon!
[At least that's what I'm told]

5 months old maybe??

She's going to kill me for posting this one!!

We can't figure this one out.. looks like my face SHAPE on the left, looks like my FACE on the right.


Andrea said...


Keetha Broyles said...

Ah Ha!!!! You can't tell yourselves apart and you thought I SHOULD be able to tell when you switched classes on me??????


I feel justified!

Really cute stuff here, Jewel.

Hazel said...

Wow! you got truly precious photos going on :D I love your lazy stockings (easter sunday) and I'm guessing you're the one on the left in the bathtub photo, but then it looks like you're the one on the right, lol! Let's ask your mom to be sure :)

Hazel said...

oh-oh, look at my spelling of lacy - l-a-z-y...I'm sure I misplaced my brain when I typed it. Sorry. Now I know charm and beauty not just make you smile, they also correct. As in this case I came back to your blog for a visit and thought I would breeze through these photos because I really enjoyed looking at them, and lo... glad I found my mistake.