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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shopping in Cambodia

For yesterday's Random Dozen meme, I said that souvenir shopping is my favorite shopping, likely a result of the entire experience, which includes: the memories, the shopping mates, the cuisine... I love LOVE LOVE it! For any American, shopping in a foreign market is quite the experience.
My favorite: The Russian Market in Phnom, Penh, Cambodia

Fruits and vegetables::
Shoes:: Silks::
and much much more::

The smells are distinct; the sounds are distinct. I could [and have] walked around for hours, observing, just taking everything in. I still remember a young boy I met there last summer, selling books about Cambodia, and cards painted by victims of landmines on the Cambodia/Vietnam border. There is also the sweetest, most precious man in the cafe area that claims to serve Phom Penh's best iced coffee [and he does by the way.] So if you're ever in the Russian Market, find the man with the smile and all the flags!
Here he is:

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Cambodia! so near and yet so far. I also enjoy souvenir shopping, the come-back-home-with-loads-of-stuff bit :) (did it in Myanmar). Now I wonder when can I eeeevvveerrr get myself down to Cambodia. I drove 3 hours to the border with my ex-MIL and all I did was buy garlic and a golf umbrella; never got beyond the border.