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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Skype Date

Yesterday evening... so so so good! I spent almost three hours on Skype with Ptr. Titus, Ptr. Vandy, and Tess -- my best friends in Cambodia. It was about 11pm to 2am my time, 11am to 2pm their time. Let's be honest.. there isn't much that will keep me up past 2:30 in the morning now, except the rare rare rare opportunity of all four of us being together. It felt just like it does when I'm there -- PERFECT! I'm excited to celebrate Vandy's birthday while I'm there! Maybe Tess' too!

Asian Photobooth!

I heard my main mutt Shrek barking, and Vandy told me that Shrek finally has two girlfriends on campus. Shrek is the only dog that has my heart, and I'm hoping for puppies in July or August! By the way, raising a Shrek puppy is on my future to-do list!

And when they were ready for lunch, the four of us sat down together ["together"] at the table and prayed in Khmer. They ate soup, and I talked about school and my preparations for returning this summer. I even did a little "show and tell" of some things around my room.

I had promised my sister earlier in the evening that we would watch an episode or two of Lost together before bed, and obviously we never did that. :( I trust that she is kind and forgiving, because she understands how much the conversation meant to me.

It was so so so uplifting!

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