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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two funnies and a prayer.

If you have been a follower for awhile, you might remember that back in May while I was in Cambodia, my grandmom got very sick, spent a few days in the Intensive Care Unit, and all the family came to see her. I was so afraid that she would be gone when I returned a month later from Cambodia. BUT, she gradually improved, and she's much stronger today.

Well, a week after returning from Cambodia, I went to teen camp as a counselor. Grandmom was still pretty sick, but she had already returned home. Anyways, middle of the week at camp I got a text (a text!) from an unknown number offering her condolences for the death of my grandmom. I said "Girl, whaaat?? Excuse me, but I hadn't heard!" I started the grieving process pretty immediately, surrounded by campers, co-counselors, and youth pastors, standing on the shore at Pine Lake.

Jessie (twin sis.) called Mom immediately, and Mom confirmed that Grandmom was still alive and well. I said, "Are you SURE? Please go visit her right now." Again, it was confirmed that Grandmom was indeed still alive.

So I texted the mystery texter back, telling her that it was a cruel cruel cruel thing she did! Jessie checked her phone book, and we confirmed the identity as "P", a woman in our church who is very kind, but had confused my dear, precious, very sick grandmom with another lady in the church who had just passed away.

Then Pastor Tony bought me ice cream because he felt sorry for me. I deserved it too!

So this past Wednesday morning, before 8am, I received messages from two friends saying that they were praying for me! [Precious!!] Ok, but I also thought it was strange that they both texted me, and especially before 8am, and just randomly. I thought, "Oh no, something terrible has happened!! Did Grandmom die?? Why do they know already and I don't??" So I texted Chele back, "I really do appreciate your prayers, but can I ask why today? Did my grandmom die?"

You see, I'm schedule to share a message in chapel this coming Wednesday, and they had both thought that it was this past Wednesday. She asked, "Aren't you speaking in chapel this morning?"

Then I freaked out again because Chele is a teacher at my alma mater (where I'm scheduled to speak,) and I thought, "Oh no, she just went to faculty meeting and saw my name on the schedule... I better start writing my message!!"

Turns out I was right, and they were wrong. Whew! What a relief it was to know that I still had a week to prepare my message AND my grandmom isn't dead! Gracious.

So, if you think about me around 9:30 on Wednesday, you can pray for me because I will be standing in front of a group of middle schoolers, high schoolers, and teachers, likely very nervous and intimidated. And actually, all prayers before 9:30 on Wednesday are appreciated because my message still isn't ready!!


Joni said...

I am glad you titled this 2 funnies and a prayer because I was really torn about whether it was ok to giggle at this post. Obviously I am VERY relieved that grandma is still alive and well. When I 1st started reading I was close to upset thinking she was ill again and noone called me.
As always, you will be in my prayers -- especially as you prepare your words. I know you will do great! (that is from someone that knows how well you will do and also some biased big sis coming through)

Tonja said...

I think it is wonderful to be able to laaugh at the innocent mistakes we make...especially the ones from the elderly! This will be funny for a very long time in your family!

Keetha Broyles said...

I will not ONLY be thinking about you - - - I will be INTRODUCING you and then LISTENING to you!!!!