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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Follow up..

Yesterday morning and afternoon, I definitely felt like everything possible was going wrong. But it ended better than it started! After emailing back and forth all afternoon, Mari Howard, who told me in the morning that our fundraiser had to be rescheduled, finally realized that the event that was "in conflict" with ours, was indeed the event that we were partnered with -- and the event did indeed happen, and went better than I expected. However, my girls are still quite worried about their funds, so you can put Loren, Zoey, Aimee, Hannah, Ashton, and Angela on your prayer list!

Something else that happened! I went to visit one of my very favorite people on campus, Bill Miller, my Spanish professor from last semester.  He made me feel much better about my day!  For this and many other reasons, he is one of my most favorite persons on campus!  Unfortunately, the solution to one of yesterday's problems (the schedule conflict) forces me to drop his class.  =/

For dinner, all the World Impact missions leaders went to Olive Gardens in Kokomo.  I spent a good part of the evening talking with Norm Wilson (Intercultural Studies professor), and Bud and Carol Bence (Mom's friends, and also work at IWU) about Cambodia, and missions, and my future.  Also, we had a nice cooling rain last night.

Also, I found a sweet little note at my Cambodia table, from Miss Elli Vinluan that said "Hi Jewel, Love Elli."  I love that little girl!

Then this morning, I was able to sleep until 9:45 because I DIDN'T have to get up early for a lunch appointment, or anything else!  It was fantastic.  I took my time getting ready, checked my email, turned up the Gaithers while I got ready.. it was nice. =)

Needless to say.. there are good days and there are bad days!  By blogging, I'm choosing to forget about yesterday and remember today!

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