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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Iris Ministries Sudan

I received this email this morning from Michele, Field Ministry Coordinator in Sudan::
Beloved- a quick email to ask you to pray… the LRA attacked killing 5 people and abducting an unconfirmed number from a village about 2 miles from our compound. Movement is now restricted and people have been urged to take up their “pangas” (machetes) creating another security risk. We are not to our knowledge in any immediate danger as the rebels seem to be moving in the opposite direction and only really attack at night. We are praying. Please pray with us. Tension and fear are running high. Our obvious concern is for the safety of our children and our team… we are worshiping in the face of hate and fear. Much love in Jesus, Michele

My friend Jennie Telfer works with Michele at the center.  Iris Ministries is similar to an orphanage, but is more like a village of small homes filled with family units of 10-15 children and a mama.  Read Jennie's blog about the LRA's movement nearby, HERE.
Please pray for Jennie, the ministry compound, and those in the path of the ruthless rebel army.


1 comment:

Jesse said...

I was in that exact area just last year. I've been keeping up with the LRA and Joseph Kony in the news. Praying for his capture...