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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Journey..

Last Saturday morning, 500+ IWU students and faculty/staff met in the early morning to walk 3.5 miles to the downtown Marion square, praying with each step.  I prayed for the economy of Marion, for boldness in the Christian community, for the arms of IWU to reach far into every street, for the churches to be open and loving, and for the hurts and needs of our community.  I prayed for organizations like Marion Inner City Outreach, the Grant County Rescue Mission, the YMCA, St. Martin's Community Center, the Boys and Girls Club, Family Services... 

Everyone was encouraged to donate $20, and we made over $12,000!

It was so awesome to walk and pray with so many people!  It was so bitter cold too!  We were escorted by Marion police officers, and traffic was stopped at each intersection.  I just wonder what people were thinking when they saw us!


Keetha said...

Yep Jewel, you ARE one of the three - - - FIRST to be exact. I'll be getting you your special something soon. In the mean time, figure out what you are going to do for your own Pay it Forward post!!!

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